AMcBain a purveyor of THE SHINY to the scene since 2013.
— metoikos

Welcome to my web store! This had its origins in a simple one-item store I built for myself to sell the first batch of Nectarine key fobs. It was the tail end of 2012 then, and I don't think I'd even decided I was going to my first demoparty, Revision, yet. However by Christmas, I knew I had to go and ended up making more in spring to take with me. I handed them out to people who found me or I passed as I walked around.

Backing up a bit, though, I had been doing various small laser cutting activities at a hackerspace almost since I had moved out west. Various things lead to the idea of the key fob and due to all the prior work, I knew there were other Scene-related creations to be had. I showcased these in an ever-growing Pouet thread, culminating in metoikos declaring "AMcBain a purveyor of THE SHINY to the scene since 2013."

As a result, I knew I needed to follow through with my promise to make my remaining wooden key fobs more accessible for purchase, as well as other results of my laser cutting hobby. Thus the reason for this store.